Dax Hawkins ’13 knew exactly what would make the perfect prescription when he proposed to his college sweetheart Courtney Davis ’13. After giving it some thought, he realized there were three ingredients he couldn’t overlook: Love, Friends and their ‘Home by the Sea.’

Dax and Courtney met during physics class their sophomore year at Hampton. It wasn’t until their second year in pharmacy school, when they had every class together, they really began to take notice of each other. He says she was flirting with him. She says she was just being nice by occasionally asking him how he did on tests.  During a Relay for Life event at Holland Hall, Dax finally asked Courtney for her phone number. The two had their first date at Ogden Crossing taking in a movie. Both graduated from the School of Pharmacy in 2013.

On Sept. 17, 2017, Courtney and Dax visited Hampton Roads for a friend’s wedding. The day after, Dax (a member of the Gamma Iota Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.), lured Courtney to campus by telling her it was crucial she attend another event with him. She was really hoping to catch up with some of her HU girlfriends over brunch but obliged. Dax had secretly coordinated with several of their friends to meet in front of the Hampton University sign at the entrance to campus. When the two walked around, Courtney was flabbergasted to see the balloons that spelled out ‘Marry Me.’

Dax and Courtney 4

“Once I turned around the corner and realized what was getting ready to happen, all I could think about was I can’t believe this is really happening,” says Davis.

These study partners are now looking forward to becoming life partners. They’ll continue to reside in Dallas, Texas where they are pharmacy managers for Kroger.

-Hollani Davis ’03

Dax and Courtney 2

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