Pamela and Desmond’s Love Story


How They Met:

For Pamela and Desmond, Buckman Hall was where it all started. Although Pamela was in the 5-Year program while Desmond was in the 2-Year program, they shared several graduate classes together. It was in one of those classes that Desmond first noticed Pamela while she was giving a presentation. Over the course of their time in the program, Pamela and Desmond developed a casual friendship during social gatherings with other MBA students. It wasn’t until the graduation ceremony in May of 2012 that Desmond realized the possibility of Pamela walking across the stage and possibly out of his life forever. Approximately one month after graduation, Pamela and Desmond went on their first date and have been together ever since. The couple agrees that attending Hampton was one of the best decisions of their lives as it led them to their soulmate. They are now planning for their September 2015 wedding in Richmond, Virginia. Congrats !!!

Class Years:

Pamela: BS in 2011 (Onyx 8), MBA in 2012

Desmond: MBA in 2012


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