Hampton Alumna Returns to Enlighten Students with Stories of Hampton’s Traditions

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On September 26, 2014, Hampton University alumna, Doris Edwards Hazel, spoke to female students residing in Virginia-Cleveland Hall. Mrs. Hazel majored in English while attending the University, and graduated in the Class of 1949.

During her freshman year, Mrs. Hazel was a resident of Virginia-Cleveland Hall. During her discussion with current students, she shed light on what life at Hampton Institute was like from 1945-1949. Throughout her tenure at Hampton, freshman students were required to wear green beanies until homecoming, curfew was at 9:00pm, and students were subjected to daily inspections to ensure their rooms were neatly kept.

Much like today, Hampton’s women were expected to look their best when out and about on campus. Hampton ladies were expected to wear dresses and gloves if they planned to leave campus. They were also required to wear either a skirt or dress to class, as pants were only allowed if they planned to stay in their dorms.

Mrs. Hazel was initiated into the Gamma Theta chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and shared her experiences of Greek life on campus and passed around photos of herself and her sorority sisters. She is the mother of Sylvia Hazel Hunter, Class of 1980; the mother-in-law of Gary B. Hunter, Class of 1983; and the grandmother of Lauren Hunter, Class of 2018. Lauren is also a resident of Virginia-Cleveland Hall, like her mother and grandmother.

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