Dr. Derrick L. Harris, Pharm.D & Dr. Crystal Spencer, Pharm.D

d_c campus

Derrick first saw Crystal in September 2010 during his pharmacy school orientation, when Crystal came to recruit all of the incoming students for the Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA).  At first glance Derrick knew that it was love, and although Crystal was beginning her third year of school, this did not stop him from pursuing his “wifey”.  The next day, Crystal came into the classroom during break, but Derrick had stepped out to the restroom.  When he came back, Crystal was sitting in his seat collecting SNPhA chapter dues.  Derrick stood over her for a second to let her know she was in his seat, and being the perfect angel she is, she apologized and proceeded to stand up.  Derrick, being the gentleman that he is, told her to remain seated until the break was over.  He was just happy to know that his seat was being blessed.  That same day, Derrick joined SNPhA and whenever there was a project or event, he was present in the hopes that Crystal would be present as well.

Midway through spring semester in 2011, Derrick slowly started to make his move.  He would speak to Crystal whenever he saw her; he would steal her umbrella after forum and walk with her back to the pharmacy building in the rain just to be close to her; and he even gave her his check card one day to get lunch after class.  It was the start of something beautiful.  On April 8, 2011, after the P3 Rites of Passage ceremony, Derrick took Crystal to Applebee’s for drinks and dessert.  This was their first “date”.  A few days later, Crystal wanted to surprise Derrick by taking him to Queen Street Cafe for dinner.  Derrick ordered the smothered pork chops and ate them with his hands because he wanted Crystal to see his true self from the beginning.  Their first kiss was on April 23, 2011 after a night of playing spades with Derrick’s roommates and watching “The Notebook”.  Derrick learned that night that Crystal was his spades partner for life, and since the existence of their partnership they have not lost a game.  In the beginning of May, Derrick took Crystal to the first ever School of Pharmacy Gala where they spent the night laughing and dancing with their friends.  The best moment, however, came when Crystal requested the final song.  Their last dance of the evening was to “Cruisin’” by D’Angelo…and they’ve been dancing together ever since. Derrick and Crustal were married June 27, 2014.

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2 thoughts on “Dr. Derrick L. Harris, Pharm.D & Dr. Crystal Spencer, Pharm.D

  1. Great Love Story. I too owe Hampton alot, including finding bestfriend and wife. rock the blue an white, all day

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